ITBSH - Dedicated Hosting

Welcome to revolution we have made our own cPanel equivalent hosting panel, our host panel have all cPanel features but we made it more user friendly, Cost Efficient & Automated, Which is 50% less & 200% efficient than cPanel

1- Complete DNS Controls
2- Complete Hosting Controls
3- Nginx Web Server

4- Apache module Or FastCGI (Nginx + PHP-FPM)
5- Multiple PHP Versions
6- Complete Backup Controls
7- Built In DDOS Attack Protection Configuration
8- Built in GZip Support
9- Built In Cache Support
10- All cPanel Features
 - Choose Your Desire Features & Create Your Own Hosting Plan - Start From $4/Month

our panel will maximize automation & robust mobile friendly interface can help you manage your hosting & dns on the go, simple login to your ITBS HUB account and hit GO button no need to enter or remember your login credentials again & again, login to your hosting Panel with 1 click.

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